Nick’s Churro Wool Silencers (sold out)


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Nick’s silencers are more dense than other wool silencers, so they do a better job of dampening the vibrations that cause noise and stopping string oscillation. They also retain lots of lanolin, making them naturally waterproof. They are tough too. After thousands of shots, I have yet to see one come apart.

Nick’s wool is hand spun from roving Churro Navajo sheep, which were originally introduced to the U.S. by the conquistadors and became popular with the Hopi and Navajo tribes.┬áHis silencers are cinched to 30 pounds of torque and will not fly apart. Nick says, “fifty years of bowhunting go into each one.”

This is one of those products that costs a little more than average, but is well worth it!

Sold by the pair.

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