Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions that we get. Touch a question to see the answer. If you have a question that is not listed below, contact us here! We're happy to help!

What’s the difference between LifeCycle Bows and those built by your partners?

First, LifeCycle Bows are built from 100% native hardwoods that are sustainably harvested from North American forests (link to All about wood)—a LifeCycle Bow is like holding an American forest in your hands. Second, our bows often have wood combinations that are not offered by our partners and some models have cosmetic and design changes that improve appearance and performance.

What does sustainable mean?

Sustainable refers to harvesting natural resources (such as forests), growing crops, or raising animals in a way that protects and maintains the health of ecosystems and ensures the continued availability of the resources. See our All About Woods page for our sustainability requirements.

Why should we worry about using exotic species?

Exotic woods are cut from numerous countries in Central and South America, Africa, and sometimes Asia. At best, many forests are harvested without a management plan or concern for sustainability. This creates deforestation, massive damage to wildlife populations, and impairment to local communities that depend on the forest. At worst, trees are cut and imported illegally. Several common bow woods, such as bocote, cocobolozebrawood, and sapele are ranked as Vulnerable or Near Threatened by the IUCN and controlled by CITES.

Why use native North American woods? 

Using sustainably harvested North American woods is an ecologically and socially responsible alternative to using imported, exotic woods, which are sometimes cut unsustainably or illegally. Buying locally and using native species reduces our environmental footprint, helps to employ American small businesses, and ensures that our woods are extracted sustainably. Also, a bow of native woods provides a tangible link between you and the forests you hunt. See our All About Woods section for sustainability standards.

Do native woods make good bows?

Yes! In fact, bowyers have barely scratched the surface when it comes to using North American tree species. There are an estimated 950 tree species in North America and about 20% have value as bow wood, but less than 2% are commonly used. We work very hard to find North American woods that are high-performing and look great! We especially like to use unusual species and woods that are iconic or have stories to tell.

What does LifeCycle mean?

We chose LifeCycle as a simple name to denote the natural circle of life represented in our products. We use sustainably derived natural resources from our forests and fields in crafting hunting gear that brings wild organic food to our tables, permitting us to complete the cycle by engaging in land conservation to restore those resources.

Who provides the warranty for LifeCycle Bows?

You’re in luck! LifeCycle bows are guaranteed by both LifeCycle Gear and the bow’s maker. LifeCycle stands behind its products with a limted lifetime guarantee. We provide the best service and warranty in the industry.

Can I try a LifeCycle Bow before buying?

We have a 14-day trial program for any in stock bow. You simply pay for the bow plus shipping with a credit card. If you like the bow and want to keep it, we are all set. If the bow doesn’t fit your needs, you return it in new condition within 14 days and we refund 100% of your money. If you order a new bow after using our trial program, we will pay the shipping.

How do you photograph your products?

Today’s technology offers very easy ways to edit and filter digital photographs to change colors and tones. Doing this potentially misrepresents the true nature of a product, like the wood in a bow. All of our photos are taken under a combination of natural and fluorescent light with almost no post editing or filtering. I say “almost,” as sometimes the ambient light actually misrepresents the color of a product and we filter the photo so it represents the true color.

Our Mission

It's our mission to provide the hunting and outdoor communities with great service and top-quality products made from ecologically sustainable materials; while promoting strategies and organizations that protect wild places, safeguard our hunting heritage, and continue the hunter-conservationist legacy.

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