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The Handy Clicker is a new, hand-held shooting aide that I developed to help cure target panic and establish a highly controlled shot activation system that involves physical and auditory cues. In addition, it’s super easy to use and unlike other systems, such as bow-mounted clickers, the Handy Clicker travels with you and not on your bow, enabling you to accurately shoot any bow and arrow combination that you pick up. It’s versatile, as well, and can be used in either your bow hand or string hand.

You simply depress the spring steel clicker hidden inside the leather sleeve to activate your shot.

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Handy Clicker in bow hand with finger thong over index finger and operated with tip of middle finger.


Finger thong on middle finger for using Handy Clicker in string hand.


Handy Clicker over base of little finger and operated with thumb.


String Hand shooting position for three under. Split finger works equally well.

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"Tobacco" Deerskin, Brown Deerskin–OUT OF STOCK, Classic Deerskin

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