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Ron Rohrbaugh’s book about traditional bowhunting combines the best of both worlds for beginners and veteran bowhunters. How-to chapters share hard-earned wisdom to improve shooting and hunting success, while engaging stories describe Ron’s hunting experiences in the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. Throughout, Ron seeks to unravel archery’s traditional spirit by exploring the history and craft of bowhunting, along with chronicling the challenges faced by today’s bowhunters in continuing their important role as hunter-conservationists.


  • Publisher: Stackpole Books/Rowman & Littlefield
  • Paperback: 288 pages, 75 color photos


You can hear Ron talk about A Traditional Bowhunter’s Path on episode 51 of the Meateater Podcast with Steve Rinella.


Sample Topics:

  • Foreword by Don Thomas, co-editor Traditional Bowhunter magazine
  • Shooting techniques for hunting situations
  • Understanding deer habitat use and movement
  • Techniques for ground hunting and treestands
  • Dozens of engaging hunting stories
  • Traditional Spirit, conservation, and the craft and history of bowhunting
  • Controversial subjects, such as baiting, high-fence “hunting,” and extreme technology



What are Readers Saying about A Traditional Bowhunter’s Path?

“Just got done reading “A Traditional Bowhunter’s Path” by Ron Rohrbaugh Jr. Best book on traditional archery to date. It covers a lot of material and is well written if you get a chance it is a must-read.”

“I’ve been hunting with trad gear over twenty years and if I could of read only one book over that time this one would have been the most useful. Very entertaining to boot.”

“As a new hunter I have read many bowhunting books recently, and I have to say that “A Traditional Bowhunter’s Path” has been the most helpful. There are chapters on topics that are rarely talked about in hunting books such as how to use field guides to better understand habitat, and hunting from the ground which is often overlooked. There is also a refreshing conservation spirit that prevails throughout the entire book. Don’t think that this book is only for those shooting a traditional bow, personally, I shoot a compound for now.”

“This book is a must-have if you want to learn to consistently take whitetails with a stick and string!”

“The chapter on shooting techniques for hunting is a game changer!”

“Just finished it up, and enjoyed every page. A great read.”

“Great book! Well written! Author’s writing style is unique and takes the reader on his personal traditional hunting journey! Shares stories of hunts, techniques and people met along the way! I highly recommend this book!”

“The introduction alone is worth the price of the book.”

“Excellent book covering traditional archery and hunting tips. Ron is a fantastic writer and the book flows perfectly from instructional to storytelling. Definitely recommend it!”

“A well-written book for aspiring traditional bow hunters as well as veteran bow hunters. A great read.”

“I’m about half way thru your book, its great! Very well written & informative w/o the same old repeated info. Hats off to you!”

“One of the most well-balanced and enjoyable books on hunting I have read!”

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