LifeCycle ILF Risers and Bow Packages

ILF stands for International Limb Fitting. Our risers are built to meet all ILF manufacturing standards, so that any ILF limb will fit our risers. This includes those made by Hoyt, Win&Win, Stalker Stickbows, Dryad, DAS, and dozens of others that carry the ILF standard.

Thus, the ILF platform offers fantastic versatility to change bow weight and length, and even switch between recurve and longbow limbs on the same riser. It’s a great system for young or new archers who will be needing to move up in weight after skills are established and for highly experienced archers who want versatility and the ability to fine tune a set up.

On our Allegheny riser, you can expect a roughly eight pound weight gain for standard ILF limbs that are marked for use on a 25 inch riser. So, a Hoyt target limb that is marked 35 pounds, will pull roughly 43 pounds on the Allegheny riser. Limbs designed for hunting and recreation, such as those made by Stalker Stickbows or Dryad will pull very close to their marked weight.

Our 17 inch Allegheny riser comes in three versions that differ in the materials used for construction.

Allegheny Ranger–built from laminated layers of birch set in a very strong and dense resin. The Ranger is bomb proof and offers excellent weight and rigidity, while being very eye catching! The Ranger comes with Wolf Paw brand dovetail plates and two-piece TradTech flange and bezel.

Allegheny Sawyer–built from a stabilized “primary wood” that surrounds a center beam made from accent woods that are also stabilized for added weight and strength. The beam materials become exposed in the sight window, adding fantastic and beautiful contrasts among the woods. The Sawyer comes with Wolf Paw brand dovetail plate and anodized, one-piece bezel/standoff.

Allegheny Naturalist–built from gorgeous stabilized wood that is meant to stand on its own with only a single colored, stabilized center beam for weight and strength. These risers are “head turners!” The Naturalist comes with Wolf Paw brand dovetail plate and anodized, one-piece bezel/standoff.

The Allegheny is principally a hunting and recreational target riser, but its roots lie in competitive archery, with the following features:

  • Competition Style Grip
    • Flattened Heel and Palm Swell
    • Narrow Throat
  • Tall (4″) Sight Window
  • Crowned Shelf
  • Enclosed Limb Pockets
  • 10% Weight Adjustment
  • Tiller Adjustment for Every Shooting Style
    • Three-fingers Under
    • Fixed Crawl
    • String Walking
    • Split Finger

The Allegheny is 100% American made with only native hardwood species!

Our Mission

It's our mission to provide the hunting and outdoor communities with great service and top-quality products made from ecologically sustainable materials; while promoting strategies and organizations that protect wild places, safeguard our hunting heritage, and continue the hunter-conservationist legacy.

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